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Arti update

Artemis went from 8lbs 7oz to 9lbs 5oz in 10 days :-D That's about 1.5 ounces a day. It's nothing hugely spectacular because that's average weight gain for a baby but it's a big deal considering what happened.

On Monday is her one month well-baby and after that I won't be continuing regular well check ups. I'm just doing it to please CPS. Speaking of which, no word from Lewis CPS so I'm 99% sure they dropped the case.

I'm so happy, breastmilk is working its magic and she's doing wonderfully.

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please and thank you :)

Please vote for my baby girl on Operation Homefronts Facebook page! Every "like" counts as a vote and the contest closes on 10/19. We would greatly appreciate it if you help our baby girl with the photo contest!

I took the photo myself with my own camera, with some help from mrsdewees (because she's the professional) to make it extra awesome :)


Just follow the link and "like" our photo. Thanks everyone!

Friends Cut

This doesn't apply to new people I've added in the past 1-2 months. If you're new or brand new to my journal, you're safe! So no worries :)

I'm such a follower and I did a friends cut. I have a rather large friends list and usually people cut me from their list and I never need to worry about doing it myself, but there are a few people who I always scroll by and never read and I assume vice versa. There are also people with dead journals and people that never or rarely comment and the same goes for me, I don't feel a connection with a few people and while I think you're a great person and appreciate the opportunity to get to know you I just don't feel like we click.

I've also been finding myself trying to sensor my journal because I feel like I have people on my list who I'm not comfortable sharing all details of my life with. It's not personal against you, but if I don't feel like you're a "friend" then I don't feel comfortable sharing personal information about my life or myself. I want my journal to be a place I can write without worry about who's reading it and how they might interpret it. But on the flip side, if you don't know me why would you even care?

If we're friends on Facebook as well I'd love to still keep you there, but if you'd like to remove me then feel free and no hard feelings.

I'm genuinely sorry if you feel upset that I removed you, please feel free to message me if you'd like to be readded! If I removed you I wish you the best of luck in life.

friends cut

I'm doing a rather large friends cut. I need to do some housekeeping and clean out the journal's that are never updated, people I never talk to, people who never talk to me and people I've never connected with.

No hard feelings!

If you have something to say comments are screened.

friends cut :-(

I did a huge friends cut today. I always hate to do them and I never want to hurt feelings or make people think they're not liked, that's not the case at all. I removed people that I feel I have no connection with and never talk to, people that never update and old journals.

I'm sorry if you were removed and didn't want to be :-(

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In need off PP

NIP's for sale. It makes me want to cry listing them at these prices but I need some PP right now so... here we go. If anyone on my flist knows someone who may be interested in these please direct them here, this entry is public and open to all who are interested. If you buy more than 3 I can combine shipping.

All NIP's are $15 + shipping (shipping is usually 1.90 per diaper for first class, DC is 85 cents more)

Rebecca Lynne
The Villas

Summer Games
Sojo Boho
OBV Black Tie

Enchanted Forest Wood (I'm dumb)

$13 + shipping

Mojito *cries* (I love this one) - still silky
Rainbow Spectrum - tiny bit silky, very soft

PP only please and no e-checks. My paypal is larson.jessica@gmail.com